Venus Fallen is an independent clothing brand run by Matt Haydu that specializes in science and space themed t-shirts. The goal is to create clothing that tells a story of the cosmos from the journalistic perspective of the protagonist, VF himself, as he interacts with different characters across the universe... and multiverse? VF is an avid explorer of untold age and ability who enjoys science and engineering as much as he does mingling in the lives of those who can help him with his mission. The clothing designs we make are the wearable accounts of his tales wandering through the fabric of space and time. On the surface, this brand seeks to enhance the closets of astronomy lovers, science fanatics, and everyday thinkers. Beyond that, our mission is to offer products that inspire exciting, mysterious, and eerie visions of the unknown. This brand is about the adventure to capture ecstasy and trap it in t-shirt form. Our ever-growing story can be found on the site’s “Story” page, social media, and within our newsletter, which you can subscribe to below. We are always evolving.


Feel free to e-mail for any questions, comments, and concerns about the brand or an exciting new discovery you’d like to chat about.


Feedback of all types is welcomed and encouraged.

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