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Hourglass v3.0


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VF Revolutionary Zip Hoodie


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The Adventure

Tales of the Singularity
Chapter 2 Soothsayer

Chapter 2: Soothsayer

“Mister…  you from the future?” The voice of a young girl in my cell? I must still be dreaming. Yep. Just going to lay here a little while longer unless she plans on waking me up with a plate of fresh bacon. Best cure for a nightmare. “OHHHHHHHH VENUSSSSSS… ” There it is again. Hah, […]

chaos1 (1)

Chapter 1: The Chaos

Art is chaos. I tried to tell them. The name’s Venus; Planet Earth’s very own scientific misfit. My career has notable successes, however all of them have accumulated to earn me a spot in Hell. I mean… I guess that depends on your definition of Hell. Mine is the Aitken Basin, South Pole of Earth’s […]

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Happy New Year

Dear Universe, as you can tell… I’ve been engaged in cryo-sleep for the last 200 days or so. After my experience on Mercury, I was extremely rattled and too flustered to move forward without proper shuteye. Today, I was able to grasp my bearings, come to my senses, and progress to a location in Earth’s orbit.